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About Us


IASO is a prestige brand designed to address your sophisticated and proactive skincare needs based on the research and expertise of leading dermatologists. The IASO brand began with incorporation of the company in 2001.

"For the young and healthy skin you deserve", IASO partnered with the skin experts and dermatologists for direction  right source of the ideal skin. Based on the combination of their day-to-day experience with the premium ingredients and evolved technologies in perfect harmony, IASO delivers youthful glow and timeless beauty to skin. And with skin calming and comforting formula,IASO is strong yet gentle, and deep yet clear.

As a result, since our inception in 2001, IASO has been showered with approval and trust from not only our customers but also sellers as the most reliable skincare expert in our market. Not only is IASO domestically expanding both online and offline nationwide, but IASO has been clearly becoming a global brand, starting with expansion of its market into New Zealand in 2006, China in 2007, Vietnam in 2009, USA in 2010 and Singapore and Indonesia in 2012.


About animal testing of our products

In January of 2015, the South Korean government implemented a ban on the testing of finished cosmetics products on animals.  In addition, there are also plans to ban animal testing of cosmetics ingredients within the next five years.

IASO has never – nor will it ever – test its products on animals. We understand that testing on animals is a cruel and unnecessary step in the creation of cosmetics products. We believe that experimenting and testing on animals for the sake of human beauty is ultimately contrary to our philosophy of delivering proactive skin care products “for the young and healthy skin you deserve.”


About GoldOcean Communications

GoldOcean Communications is a global online marketing company that offers a variety of online services ranging from content creation to market analysis. Go-IASO was formed through a partnership with IASO in 2015 to bring the premium Korean cosmetics brand to the global market. GoldOcean is the official contact for global distribution.

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