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Exfoliating Care

What are dead skin cells?

Skin is the largest organ of the human body and is separated primarily into three different parts: the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis. However, what we see and what many people believe to be “skin” is actually just the uppermost layer – the epidermis. In the life cycle of a new skin cell, it is first created in the stratum basal layer, which is the layer at the base of the epidermis. It then travels slowly upwards, pushed up by the creation of even newer skin cells underneath. Then as the skin cell travels up towards the surface, it will die, leaving a layer of dead skin cells. This layer of dead skin cells acts like the “roof” of the skin, protecting new, living skin cells underneath protection.

The exfoliation process for a skin cell normally takes 28 days, and any more or less will usually accompany a host of problems. For example, an exfoliation cycle of less than 28 days, the layer of dead skin cells becomes thinner, causing it to become sensitive and easily prone to irritation. On the other hand, if the exfoliation cycle is more than 28 days, then the skin structure becomes thick with dead skin cells on the surface, which leads to other skin problems.


What is exfoliating care?

When you are young, your skin is better able to function according to the 28 day exfoliation cycle, allowing the dead skin cells on the outermost layer of the skin to exfoliate at the proper time. However, as you grow older, this exfoliation cycle tends to slow down, which causes more than normal dead skin cells to accumulate on the skin surface. From this, the skin will not only look coarse and pasty, but due to the thickened stratum corneum layer, it will look dull and brittle from the lack of moisture and nourishment because the dead skin cell layer is too thick. Daily care of this dead skin cell layer is the first and basic step in skin care that will set you on the path to clean, clear skin.

Our products not only use the most natural and effective peeling agents, AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid) and BHA (beta-hydroxy acid), they are combined with many other ingredients to ensure the skin stays nourished and moisturized after exfoliation.

Our exfoliation care products can be used by itself or combined with other IASO skin care products to bring out the maximum potential of your skin.



A gel-based deep cleanser with Cellulose scrub instantly improves your complexion by gently de-flaking and polishing your skin. It promotes rapid cell turnover which leaves your skin looking newer, clearer and livelier.



Clarifies and brightens the skin as it exfoliates dead cells and energizes the skin cell with Salicylic acid. Far more than a conditioner, it prepares your skin to maximize the benefits of your other skin care products.



An intensive yet extra-gentle skin re-texturizing formula with and exclusive complex of multi-hydroxy acids and plant extracts, which exfoliate dead cells and speed up the skin's own shedding cycle. Instantly boosts your skin's smoothness, clarity and radiance and continuously reduces dullness, uneven texture and minor discolorations. Works precisely where and when needed. On dry skin, whisks away flakes. On oily skin, reduces surface oil. It also maximizes the benefits of your other skin care products.