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Melting Your Skin with Chemical Peels

Do you know what a chemical peel does to your skin?  If you don’t, you’re in for a surprise.  Essentially, chemical peels use an acid to melt (i.e. exfoliate) off the upper layers of your skin, so that your younger, brighter skin underneath is exposed.  Depending on the treatment received, deeper peels actually require an anesthetic, as the pain would be too unbearable otherwise.  In fact, the deepest peels can take months to heal completely with even the lightest peels taking several days – and this is in addition to the fact that the healing process usually requires you to avoid the sun at all costs. 



Chemical peeling generally requires several treatments to complete the process, which means you will have to go through the entire healing process several times.  In addition, these treatments do not run cheap.  Since a medical professional is often required to apply then monitor the chemical peeling process, individual treatments will cost several hundred (US) dollars.  By the time all the treatments are done, you shouldn’t be surprised to find a bill over $1000.

IASO Intensive Clear Booster

IASO Intensive Clear Booster



Fortunately, there is a better and more cost efficient method of achieving beautiful skin.  The IASO Intensive Clear Booster was designed specifically to improve the condition of your skin by speeding up the natural exfoliation cycle.  As you become older, your skin does not produce new skin as quickly; therefore, the uppermost layer of skin tends to become old and damaged by the time new skin comes up to replace it.  By speeding up the exfoliation cycle, new skin is created and pushed up to the surface then the mild AHA/BHA complex in the IASO Intensive Clear Booster helps to exfoliate out the older skin cells on top.  You end up with healthier and younger looking skin without cost and healing process required by chemical peels.


5 minutes after applying

Having healthy skin should not be expensive, nor should it be a painful process.  Simply maintaining your skin daily with the IASO Intensive Clear Booster will help you achieve the skin you always wanted.

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